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Turbo Warranties



Oil and filter must be changed at the same time as turbo replacement if not warranty will be void - no exceptions. Proof will be required with any warranty claim save your receipts. Even if you changed your oil and filter last week you will need to change it again with the turbo install. Any attempt to modify upgrade or repair the turbo will void your warranty. Warranty claims will require you to ship the turbo back to us (or factory) for inspection - buyer we be responsible for all shipping cost. The warranty offered does not include refunds of any kind, and any installed, open box parts are no longer eligible for any type of return or refund of any sort. Warranty does not cover consequential damages, losses, costs or accidents, third-party fees or charges such as installation, labor, towing, etc. These are not covered under this warranty and will not be reimbursed under any claim.

For any reason, you do not agree with, have trouble understanding or just don't like our policy, please do not purchase and or install our products. We strive to provide the BEST possible quality aftermarket parts available!