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​Unveiling the Fuel Control Actuators in Diesel Fuel Pumps

Posted by Big Dawg Diesel on May 3rd 2024

In the intricate ecosystem of diesel engines, few components are as crucial as fuel control actuators, particularly in high-pressure fuel pumps like the CP3 and CP4. These small yet mighty devices p … read more

Remanufactured vs. Refurbished - Decoding Diesel Injectors

Posted by Big Dawg Diesel on May 2nd 2024

In the world of diesel engines, few components are as critical and intricate as diesel injectors. These precision instruments play a pivotal role in the combustion process, ensuring optimal fuel del … read more

Reasons To Purchase A LML Duramax Cold Air Intake

Dec 5th 2022

Cold air intakes are performance enhancers for most diesel engines. They reduce air pollution and add a cool look to your vehicle. When the intake air temperature rises above ambient temperature, i … read more

Why Does A Dodge Cummins Need Fuel Control Actuators

Dec 5th 2022

The fuel control actuator is a device used on many Dodge Cummins engines. It's located in the fuel filter and can fail, causing your vehicle to stall or run poorly. If it's failing or not working corr … read more

All You Need to Know About High-Pressure Oil Pump

Jun 20th 2021

An integral part of the Ford Powerstroke engine is a high-pressure oil pump. For the proper and efficient operation of the engine's diesel fuel injection system, these high-volume oil pumps generate h … read more