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All You Need to Know About Ford 7.3l Power stroke Injectors

Jun 3rd 2021

A 7.3 Power stroke has eight diesel fuel injectors- one for each cylinder. Rather than a centralized fuel injection system, Ford gave each 7.3 Ford Power stroke diesel cylinder its own independent fuel delivery regulator injector. It not only reduces emissions but it increases performance as well. 


7.3 Ford Power stroke Injectors Parts

  • 7.3 Injector Solenoid: 7.3 diesel injectors use electromagnetic solenoid controls. At the direction of the Powertrain Control Module, the Injector Drive Module delivers an electrical signal to the 7.3 injector solenoid. It tells the injector to activate the mechanical valve. The responsibility of this mechanical valve is to control high-pressure oil and diesel fuel flow in the injector.

  • 7.3 Poppet Valve: The function of this valve is to allow or restrict the flow of high-pressure oil into the injector. The Powertrain Control Module signals the Injector Drive Module to increase or decrease the voltage signal sent to the solenoid for controlling and regulating the opening and closing of the 7.3 poppet valve. This process increases or reduces the amount of high-pressure oil delivered to the intensifier piston and plunger.

  • 7.3 Injector Intensifier Piston: This plunger or piston multiplies the oil pressure effects on the piston and oil side of the injector, which creates 7 times the fuel pressure on the diesel delivery plunger-side of the injector.

  • 7.3 Injector Check Ball: For preventing high-pressure fuel leakage, this 7.3 Injector Check Ball seals the injector plunger.

  • 7.3 Powerstroke Injector Nozzles: This assembly is the tip of the injector which function as spraying the diesel fuel into the chamber.

  • 7.3 Injector O Rings: It plays an essential role because it keeps the oil on the oil side and fuel on the fuel side. If, due to any circumstances, the oil and fuel mix together, then black and white smoke come out of the tailpipe, which creates a huge problem.

Common Symptoms for Failed Ford Powerstroke Injection Pumps

When you experience any of the following problems, it means that your injector got failed:

  • Increased emissions
  • Poor performance
  • Rough idle
  • Knocking or dieseling
  • Hard starting cold
  • Not start when hot
  • Lower 7.3 MPG
  • Black, white or blue smoke from the tailpipe
  • Surging throttle response 

Final Words

A proper 7.3l Ford injector pump is essential to keep your vehicle in stable condition. There are many online and offline platforms where you will get these parts at an affordable rate. You can also consider Big Dawg Diesel for any kind of spare parts for your vehicle.  They have best products at a very competitive rate so that you won’t get any stress.