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All You Need to Know About High-Pressure Oil Pump

Jun 20th 2021

An integral part of the Ford Powerstroke engine is a high-pressure oil pump. For the proper and efficient operation of the engine's diesel fuel injection system, these high-volume oil pumps generate high-pressure oil flow so that your vehicle will run smoothly.


It is necessary that your Ford 6.o l high pressure oil pump is correctly functioning so that your diesel truck can operate up to its full power and efficiency potential. 


Therefore having a high-quality ford 6.7l high pressure oil pump is very important as the engine itself. 



Below we enlist some of the essential functions of high-pressure oil pumps. Let's have a look:


  • The high-pressure oil pump fires at high pressure so that it helps the fuel injectors to fire. 
  • These pumps are used as lubricants for the engine.
  • These pumps also serve additional purposes in the Ford trucks, including as a hydraulic fluid that helps to run small actuators within the engine as well.
  • Apart from this, they are also used for various things, such as a tensioner for variators, for a timing belt, and for valve timing systems. 


It consists of the following essential things such as :


  • Three cylinders and pistons
  • Volume control valve
  • Internal transfer pump
  • Pressure control valve


If you have big vehicles such as trucks and you want your trucks to have a long lifetime on the road, then a ford 6.7l high pressure fuel pump is a perfect one for you. This high-pressure oil pump is a vital part of the Power stroke engine, helps the engine to move smoothly, and extends the life of the engine so that the truck can get several amazing benefits.


These high-pressure oil pumps don't create any pressure as compared to conventional injection pumps. It creates a volume of oil for the injectors to use instead of pressure. 


The injection pressure creates pressure in a range of 450 to 3,000 psi on 7.3L engines and 450 to 3,600 psi on 6.0L Powerstrokes, which is controlled by PCM. PCM is a microprocessor that controls the entire injection system. It acts accordingly by receiving information from the ICP sensor, engine oil temperature sensor, and other sensors.


Bottom Line


Now you will get a fair idea about high-pressure oil pumps. And if you want to buy the best high-pressure oil pumps or other parts of the Ford, you can buy them from Big Dawg Diesel at an affordable rate. You will get a wide variety of collections to choose from for your vehicle without any stress. Buy and enjoy!