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Ford Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips For a Long Service Life

Nov 4th 2022

When it comes to diesel engines, perhaps no name is as venerable and reputable as Ford. Since the company first launched its diesel engine in 1982, their engines have gained a popularity and reputation for performance, durability and reliability. While these engines do live up to their legacies, much like other vehicle engines, they wear and tear, and need maintenance and service to keep them in optimal running condition.

Unlike petrol engines that rely on the ignition from a spark plug, a diesel engine ignites fuel-air mixture by extreme compression that generates heat. The excessive pressure they undergo makes them vulnerable to certain issues, but they rely comparatively less on moving parts such as distributor rotors to operate, making them more affordable to maintain. However, this should not be taken as the engines not needing regular maintenance. Infact, every time and effort you put into caring and maintaining your Ford Diesel Engine goes into increasing its performance and lengthening its service life.

Below are some tips to follow to make sure you’re doing the right things when you give your vehicle a maintenance service.

Change The Engine Oil Regularly

The engine oil keeps parts lubricated, preventing friction and minimizing wear and tear. After repeated and long usage, the oil starts to collect debris, carbon, and dirt which causes it to lose its lubricating property. If the engine oil is not clean, the parts inside move with friction, accelerating wear and damage. It is much more affordable and easy to change the oil regularly rather than having to change the parts due to damages caused by continued use of the same batch of dirty oil. To know how often you need to change the oil, refer to your engine's owner’s manual.

Avoid Excessive Idling

Excessive idling can lead to multiple issues in a diesel engine. Idling keeps the combustion temperature at a level lower than required to effectively burn fuel. This can sometimes force unburnt fuel past the rings and into the crankcase, leading to oil build up on injector tips that can lead to further complications. To prevent this from happening, prevent idling for more than fifteen minutes. In some cases your injectors for 7.3 IDI may get contaminated badly needing professional repair or replacement.

Inspect Engine Gaskets Routinely

Gaskets in diesel engines are more prone to damages due to the enormous amount of pressure they undergo while running. If you see any damage or leak on a gasket, always replace the gasket as a set. Replacing just a single piece will cause disparity on the amount of pressure other pieces can hold on other parts of the engine. Re-torque the mounting bolts on the engine every once in a while, to prevent leaks.

Use The Right Filters

Oil filters keep the engine oil clean by filtering contaminants that may cause abrasions and damage engine parts. To keep your engine oil free of such particles, always use oil filters that meet the standards recommended by the engine. It is much more cost effective to invest in a top-grade filter than compromising on quality and risking internal damage.


Ford Diesel engines can run for years when maintained properly. Include the tips mentioned above in your maintenance checklist and perform them every once in a while. This will keep your diesel engine in top condition allowing you to use it for multiple years.

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