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Four Reasons that Your Fuel Injector is Failing

May 15th 2021

Fuel injector pump performance is closely related to your engine performance. Fuel injection problems are the most challenging problems to deal with. Your fuel injector pumps affect the engine performance, and if your car has fuel supply issues, it will automatically starve to death. 

First, we should talk about what is a diesel fuel injection pump? It is a mechanical device that pumps diesel into the automotive engine's internal combustion chamber. It maintains the rhythm so that the engine will keep running efficiently for many years. This injector pump feeds fuel to the engine so that it will keep running without any hassle. This process is accomplished by compressing the fuel to high pressure, where it is gifted to the plunger and then sent to the injectors. 

It also adjusts fuel quantity with engine speed so that the outcome and fuel dissipation will change. It also automizes the fuel to improve the ignition, which results in full combustion.  


Common GM Duramax Injection Pumps Failures

  • Dirty Fuel: The most common reason that can cause your fuel injector pumps to stop working efficiently is using subpar and dirty fuel. With time junk and grease can build up inside the fuel system and clog up the entire fuel injector pump. If you notice that your engine is causing problems when trying to accelerate, then it is a sign that your injector pump is clogging up.
  • Deposits in the Injector Pump: Due to excessive buildups of deposits in the GM duramax injectors, the pumps fail to work. There are basically two types of deposits:
  • Internal injector deposits
  • External injector deposits

External deposits are caused by the fuel that does not burn completely and build up around the injector hole. Internal deposits don't build on the external tip of the injectors, but they build upon the inner part, such as pilot valves and injector needles. They are dark to light brown or wheatish in color. 

  • Driving on Low Fuel: Driving with an almost empty fuel tank is bad for your diesel engine. It is necessary to keep a third of the tank full at all times. This fuel provides lubrication to the injection pumps. If the tank runs empty, air will enter the tank and can quickly wear out your bearings. 

Bottom Line

Excellent fuel injection pump performance is necessary for maintaining a healthy engine. An engine that has prolonged fuel injection problems will deteriorate quickly. If you want to know more about GM Duramax oil coolers with pedestalsyou can consider Big Dawg Diesel. This platform will provide you adequate knowledge about which injection pump is better for you.