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What Is The Purpose And Function Of Diesel Fuel Injection Pump?

Feb 1st 2021

The overall performance of diesel fuel injection pump depends on the injection system design. Here, one of the notable challenges is to ensure the diesel engine aligns with the superior fuel injection system design.

Talking about the main purpose of this system, it requires to deliver sufficient amount of fuel to the cylinder connected with diesel engine. This brings a difference in the fuel delivery process to different characteristics of the engine performance.


Generally, the diesel fuel injection pump system performing encompasses –

  1. Bulk mixing – The fuel atomization and evaporation is a hectic process. But at the same time, it is necessary to ensure a combustion process for better engine optimization.


  1. Fuel atomization – Here, you need to ensure that the fuel atomizes in small particles to meet the primary objective of the diesel fuel injection system.


  1. Air utilization – The effective utilization of the air in and around the combustion chamber represents an ideal combination of dense air with fuel penetration.


Functions of a diesel fuel injection –

The fuel injection system is a crucial segment consisting of many attributes like –

  1. Injection nozzle
  2. Fuel injection pump
  3. Fuel filter
  4. High-pressure pipe
  5. Feed pump


Basic functioning of the system would include –

Feeding fuel – The pump elements like plunger or cylinder are incorporated inside the diesel fuel injection pump body. It releases high pressure to lift the plunger while sending the injector further.


Altering the injection timings – It is the period where fuel needs combustion to the maximum pressure to reach its exact spot. Here, irrespective of the engine speed, a timer is required to deal with the fluctuating injection timings.


The last line –

Diesel fuel injection lies right in the middle of the diesel engine. Generally, a diesel fuel injection system consists of an injection nozzle that infuses a good amount of fuel in the cylinder to get the complete machine going on. One needs to keep it in good shape to let the injection pump work for long.


Still have doubts?

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