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Why Does A Dodge Cummins Need Fuel Control Actuators

Dec 5th 2022

The fuel control actuator is a device used on many Dodge Cummins engines. It's located in the fuel filter and can fail, causing your vehicle to stall or run poorly. If it's failing or not working correctly, you should have this part replaced so you can get back on the road quickly! Here's why your Dodge Cummins needs fuel pump actuators:

Fuel Control

The Dodge Cummins's fuel pump actuator is an electronic component mounted on the side of the injection pump. It is responsible for controlling how much fuel goes through each injector and its timing. Bosch makes this part, and it's called an FCA (Fuel Control Actuator). If you have a Dodge Cummins, you will need this part because your engine won't run properly or smoothly without it! When your truck is under load, such as climbing a hill or towing a load, your Dodge Cummins's fuel pump actuator needs to increase the amount of fuel sent through the injectors. This is done by increasing both pressure and volume for more fuel to be delivered to each cylinder at once.

Reducing Engine Noise

Suppose you're looking to improve your fuel economy, reduce engine noise and vibration, and reduce emissions, all while improving the overall performance of your vehicle. In that case, there's no better choice than a Dodge Cummins fuel pump actuator.

Maintain stable fuel pressure

The FCA is the master controller that maintains fuel pressure in your Cummins engine. As you increase engine torque, so does the amount of power being sent through the drivetrain. This causes an increase in exhaust gasses and therefore increases cylinder temperatures. The FCA monitors these changes and maintains consistent fuel pressure for each cylinder at any given time to ensure that there are no fluctuations in pressure or flow rate within its system. If there are too many fluctuations, this can cause some issues with ignition timing and possibly knock sensors becoming damaged over time.

Ensure adequate fuel return

When the engine is under load, fuel pressure can drop. This can cause the pump to run dry and stop working as expected. To get it going again, you'll need to follow some steps:

  • Ensure enough fuel in your tank to get back on track by adding more when needed (a green light near the FCA should indicate this).
  • Please turn off your ignition system and disconnect any electrical connections between it and other components, for they do not interfere with the proper operation of this part of your vehicle's systems, like starter motors or power windows.
  • Open up an access panel on top of both sides where each side meets together so that air can flow freely between them without getting trapped inside, causing problems later down the road when trying to diagnose why something isn't working correctly anymore due to lack of moisture within this area."

The Fuel Control Actuator (FCA) is an electronic component mounted on the side of the injection pump

The Fuel Control Actuator (FCA) is an electronic component mounted on the side of the injection pump. It's a sensor and actuator in one, so if it fails, you'll experience poor performance in your Dodge Cummins engine.

When this part fails, it can cause problems with proper fuel flow through your fuel system. As a result, you'll notice poor power output from your vehicle's engine, reduced horsepower, and increased emissions levels from burning more fuel than necessary to drive at peak efficiency levels.


This article has helped you understand why a Dodge Cummins fuel pump actuator is needed. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!