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1983-1985 FORD MUSTANG 2.3L F/I Turbo, Non Turbo Vin A,T,W   (Base,GT,SVO) 
1983-1984 FORD THUNDERBIRD 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin W
1983-1984 MERCURY CAPRI 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin W
1984 MERCURY COUGAR 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin W
1985-1989 VOLVO 740 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin 8 B230FT (Base,GLE)
1984-1989 VOLVO 760 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin 8 B230FT,B23FT  (Base,GLE) 
1989-1991 VOLVO 780 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin B230FT

Reman OEM Fuel Injector Set for 1983-1985 Ford Mustang 1983-1984 Ford Thunderbird, 1983-1984 Mercury Capri 1984 Mercury Cougar, 1985-1989 Volvo 740 1984-1989 Volvo 760 1989-1991 Volvo 780 2.3L Turbo

1.00 LBS
$30 Refundable Core Which is Included in the Price

REMAN OEM FUEL INJECTOR SET FOR 1983-1985 FORD MUSTANG 1983-1984 FORD THUNDERBIRD, 1983-1984 MERCURY CAPRI 1984 MERCURY COUGAR, 1985-1989 VOLVO 740 1984-1989 VOLVO 760 1989-1991 VOLVO 780 2.3L TURBO

Any deterioration can lead to reduced fuel economy, weak acceleration, excessive exhaust emissions, hard starting, rough idle and poor gas mileage. Any irregularity in the flow of the Injectors Can Effect the entire engines management system.

This Full Set of Injectors has been Remanufactured Tested Calibrated and Flow Matched for ASNU Equipment. These Injectors is Ready to Install with ALL-NEW internal Filters, O-Rings, Pintle Caps and Seals.

This Injectors May Different in Color Due to Adding New Parts During Refurbishment.

Please use part numbers and picture to verify application……

OEM # 0280150213,E4ZE-BA,0280150357,1332337

PART# 10070,822-11104,852-12118


FORD MUSTANG    4 2.3L F/I Turbo, Non Turbo Vin A,T,W   (Base,GT,SVO)  1985-1983
FORD THUNDERBIRD 4 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin W 1984-1983
MERCURY CAPRI 4 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin W 1984-1983
MERCURY COUGAR 4 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin W 1984
VOLVO 740 4 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin 8 B230FT (Base,GLE) 1989-1985
VOLVO 760 4 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin 8 B230FT,B23FT  (Base,GLE)  1989-1984
VOLVO 780 4 2.3L F/I Turbo Vin B230FT 1991-1989


Core Policy: These injectors include a $30 core deposit for each injector set ordered. This is 100% refundable upon receipt of your old unit(s). Cores must be the exact application that was ordered for full credit. Cores that are physically damaged (Body, Cracked, Melted, or Broken) Will NOT be Refunded. There should not be any visible signs of rust, fire damage, water damage, or excessive force on any and all parts. Missing parts, if applicable, will void core refund. Cores must be returned within 30 days of purchase date for full refund. After 30 days, the core will be prorated 25% per month.


  • No Refunds for Physically Damage (Body Cracked, Melted, or Broken Electrical Connectors). Body Must Be a Good, Rebuildable Core.
  • Visible Signs of Rust, Fire Damage, Water Damage, Physical Abuse or Excessive Force on Any and All Parts of the Injectors.

Warranty: FOR WARRANTIES MUST BE SENT TO BIG DAWG WITH PAPERWORK FOR INSPECTION &TESTING BEFORE A REPLACEMENT. If there is fuel contamination found, the warranty is void. Improper installation or misapplication of products is not warranted by Big Dawg Diesel. The warranty is void if any pump or injector has been disassembled or tampered with. Big Dawg Diesel is not liable for any labor reimbursement. Each unit’s warranty will vary depending on the application and the unit itself. Each product description will list the life of the warranty. For further details on warranties, please visit our 'Shipping/Warranty' link found on the bottom of the page or from the home page. Please call or email us if you have any questions regarding our warranty process or if you have a unit for testing.

We Try to list Items as Accurately as Possible, But We Are NOT Automotive Experts. Be Sure the Part You Are Buying is Correct for your Application. You Are the Expert When It Comes to Your Own Vehicle! You Must Read the Fitment NOTES! Match Photos of the Item We Are Selling to the Item You Are Purchasing. ONCE Purchased YOU OWN IT. There are NO RETURNS for parts that are mis-ordered.


  • Returns on stock items are accepted within 14 days of delivery.
  • All returns are subject to a 20% Re-stocking fee.
  • All returned items must be repacked and returned with invoice in their original packaging for protection.
  • The customer is responsible for any damage that occurs during return shipment. Packages being returned should be insured by you for your protection.
  • Returned merchandise that is damaged upon receipt will not be credited.
  • Customers are responsible for the initial shipping cost and all return shipping costs. No credits are issued on shipping costs          

Feedback: We’ll Highly Appreciate your Positive Feedback!! If you are not Satisfied with your Purchase or are Services, Please Contact First we are here to Solve Any Kind of Issue and keep our Customers Happy.

California Proposition 65 Warning: Diesel engine exhaust and some of its constituents are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.