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High Quality Aftermarket Cylinder Head Stud Kit 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke

High Quality Aftermarket Cylinder Head Stud Kit 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke

17.00 LBS


Head gasket failure can occur in Ford 6.4L Powerstroke diesel engines, but you can overcome this headache with these extra heavy-duty 12mm head studs. These studs have been rated at 220K of PSI tensile strength and provide the clamping force that is required to keep your cylinder heads from lifting due to higher combustion pressure and boosted pressure if you choose to have aftermarket turbo system. This kit are heat-treated and have a black oxide finish to give you the extra durability 

Features : 

  • Reduced chance of Head Gasket Failure 
  • Holds high boost pressure from aftermarket turbos
  • 220,000 PSI tensile strength
  • Black Oxide Finish

Fits :

  • 2008-10 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke Diesel 

Installation Method for Head Stud Kit

Part Number – 250-4203    Application – Ford 6.4L Power Stroke Diesel


1.  Clean and inspect all hardware prior to installation. Look for obvious defects or shipping damages, plus proper fit, length and dimension.

2.  To ensure proper thread engagement and accurate torque readings, clean ALL threads in the block. Use a thread chaser if necessary

3.  If the cylinder head studs protrude into a water jacket, lubricate the block threads of the studs with a thread sealant. This will protect against rust, leaks and loosening from vibration.

4.  Screw studs into the block “HAND TIGHT ONLY!!”Note: Loctite may be used IF a PERMANENT MOUNTING of the studs is preferred. The FASTENERS, however, must be torqued PROIR to the Loctite setting up

5.  Install the cylinder head(s) and check for binding or misalignment.

6.  Lubricate the stud threads, nuts and washers with high-quality lubricant such as ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant. Do NOT use motor oil as a lubricant!!  This is due to higher friction on the studs as well as inconsistencies in the clamping force of the fasteners when motor oil or low quality lubricants are used.

Preload (Torque) Recommendations

7.  Following the manufacturers recommended torque sequence tighten the nuts to the following specification with lubricant

Step 1 – Tighten studs 1 thru 10 to 90 ft-lbs.
Step 2 – Tighten studs 1 thru 10 to 180 ft-lbs.
Step 3 – Final tighten studs 1 thru 275 ft-lbs.
Step 4 – Tighten M8 bolts 11 thru 15 to 25 ft-lbs.

**prop-65-warning-logo.jpgCalifornia Proposition 65 Warning: Diesel engine exhaust and some of its constituents are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.